Team development

Our approach aims at strengthening cohesion amongst the team members and in clarifying the respective roles, at both the collective and individual levels.

Different types of teams and situations

Our Team Effectiveness intervention is effective for different types of teams in different situations.

Kinds of teams

  • Permanent Teams, such as a Board of Management/Executive Team or members of a Department Team
  • Temporary Teams with a common objective, such as a project team
  • Virtual teams, like a network of professionals sharing experiences and making decisions in a specific area

Kinds of situations

  • A new Board of Management/Executive Team (in the case of merger or acquisition, team renewal …)
  • A team in charge of a specific assignment (an acquisition, a move, the development of a new product…)
  • A conflict situation in a team
  • A new team Leader who needs to obtain the full commitment of his/her team

Research based intervention in a business context

Our intervention takes into consideration the business context and is inspired by research done by specialists in the area of team effectiveness.

We guide the team through a reflection on some fundamental components of team success such as:

  • the clarity of the collective accountabilities and the unique added value of the team : “What is the unique and specific thing that we are we supposed to accomplish together ?”
  • the structure and the work processes in response to those accountabilities
  • the behaviors and added value of each team member

Program composition

  • Depending on the team characteristics and its needs, a program can be composed of creative exercises and collective challenges that will stimulate the imagination and create a climate of openness. This stimulates a better mutual understanding as well as increasing respect for individual objectives and constraints.
  • We take into consideration the views and expectations of the different team members in regards to the team effort
  • We facilitate the process so that the team comes to an agreement and commitment to an action plan

We facilitate the process so that the team comes to an agreement and commitment to a team action plan