Our intervention is largely influenced by the systemic approach which represents a way of looking at the situations (rather than a tool) from the angle of the interactions with the environment. The most important is how the person interacts and how the person can change behaviors.

Training programs followed : JA Malarewicz, Paris – Institut Gregory Bateson

Supervision: JA Malarewicz, Paris – Marcel Gemme MCC,  Québec.

We consider that an intervention is not driven by the methodology but can be supported by the methodology as and when required. In this respect, we have developed our expertise in a wide range of concepts and tools :

  • Self awareness: different tools such as MBTI ((Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), DiSC, typology of motivation (research of Pr. Jung, H. Murray and later D. McClelland)
  • Management of emotions: Neurocognitive and behavioral approach (IME Paris, ANC Brussels), Cardiac Variation Rate( Research Institute Heartmath, Doc Childe and IHM Research Center), certification for the use of the Heartmath biofeedback software,
  • Managing relationship : Research of Pr Goleman on Emotional Intelligence, license to use the electronic version of the 360° diagnostic developed by HayGroup (ECI and ESCI), techniques based on the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Grinder & Brandler) and Transactional Analysis
  • Team effectiveness: models and techniques developed on the basis of the research conducted by Pr Hackmann, Harvard University.
  • Leadership: concepts based on the findings of Hay McBer and the initial research conducted at Harvard Business School on leadership styles and their impact on the organizational climate, certification for the use of 360° feedback tools on “Leadership Style Inventory” (LSI) and “Organisational Climate survey” (OCS) in collaboration with HayGroup

We invest a lot in our own development and continued learning. Next to our continuous participation to training, conferences and development programs, we participate to regular best practice sharing and intervision sessions with groups of professionals and regularly work with our supervisor.